Meet the Raptors and get up close and personal to our EAGLE OWL (largest in the world) AND BARN OWL and learn more about them.


The European Eagle Owl has a large beak and enormous talons but its most noticeable features are the striking orange eyes. It has prominent ear tufts which are raised or lowered depending on its mood. The plumage is mostly mottled but with bolder streaks on the breast.

Barn owls have buff coloured upper surfaces, white under-parts and a distinctive white heart-shapped face. Barn owls make a variety of shrieks, hisses and snoring sounds, but they don't hoot (that's the Tawny Owl).

  A Message from Hector & Harvey

"We are Hector and Harvey the miniature donkeys. If we are not in our paddock we are in our inside pen as too much grass is not good for us. You can see us indoors at the end of Animal Avenue".